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YUYUMI offers franchise prospects various programs

Anyone who chooses a franchise model with YUYUMI not only chooses a system that stands for freshness, speed and ease, but also benefits from YUYUMI's well-founded experience and resources in the field of franchising. We would be happy to inform you in a personal conversation about the chances and possibilities of franchising with YUYUMI.

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First of all, we would like to briefly introduce our models to you:


For single franchising, YUYUMI is looking for franchisees who want to open a single restaurant first. Cities with 50,000 to 250,000 inhabitants are the preferred target areas. The opening of further restaurants is possible, provided that the YUYUMI criteria are met. However, the franchisee in individual franchising does not receive any development protection or a contractual development agreement. Territorial protection is only granted to a limited extent.


Regional franchising allows the franchisee to fully develop a city or region outside of Germany (see below: "Franchising outside of Germany"). A development plan/agreement is agreed with YUYUMI in advance. The franchisee receives extensive area and development protection in accordance with the agreement. A development fee is due upon conclusion of the development contract, which is determined according to the stipulations in the development agreement.


For all franchise programs, a one-time fee of EUR 20,000 (franchise fee) and an ongoing fee () of 4% plus VAT will be charged on the total net sales of your Yuyumi restaurant (depending on the individual case from the total annual net sales) for the use of the YUYUMI brands and the YUYUMI system. The mode of payment of the one-time franchise fee varies according to the franchise program. The ongoing franchise fees are due monthly for all programs per restaurant. In addition, there is an advertising cost contribution of 1% of the net sales.

  1. Get in touch with us, either by phone or email
  2. Make an appointment and visit a Yuyumi restaurant
  3. Search for a suitable area
  4. If a suitable area has been found, consult us for which of our Yuyumi concepts the area would be best suited (Yuyumi Express, Yuyumi Restaurant, Yuyumi Dim Sum)
  5. While the franchisee is looking for a suitable space, he is trained on our premises (theory, service, F&B and cooking training)
  6. Once the lease is signed, the training begins on our premises with the franchisee's managers and supervisors. This can take from 1 to 3 weeks.
  7. The franchise's restaurant is nearing completion
  8. Opening date is set
  9. Our employees come 2 weeks before the opening and determine processes and train the employees on site. Of course, our employees are also available to help the franchisee team with the first order, administrative tasks, etc.
  10. Opening of your Yuyumi restaurant

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