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Do you see yourself as the host in your YUYUMI, creating a fantastic atmosphere, being on center stage in the middle of it and welcoming your guests as you would welcome your friends? Then it is you we are looking for, and together we can make it happen.

Yuyumi franchise presentation

We provide

  • A proven and successful “fresh and fast casual dining” concept
  • A unique corporate identity with growing international recognition
  • Long-term growth perspective with 10-year contracts
  • Outstanding product quality and value
  • A modern and stylish design
  • Professional support in location scouting and evaluation
  • Professional support in construction, recruitment and training, marketing and all areas necessary for a sound entrepreneurial structure
  • A dedicated international marketing concept
  • Continuous system improvements
  • A trustworthy and helpful franchisor committed to transparency and partnership

We are looking for franchise partners who are willing and able to develop not only a single restaurant but an entire territory or country. We therefore welcome applications from both individuals and teams whose professional expertise and personal qualities respond to the diverse requirements of a Yuyumi Franchise Partner. Yuyumi will work closely with you to assess the potential of your chosen market, and we will then sign a development agreement that outlines the scope and timeline for expansion in your region. Our multifunctional team will then assist and support you throughout the entire process from the signature to the opening and beyond.

Franchise Requirements

  • A hands-on approach and the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge
  • The willingness and ability to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of a larger system
  • A well-established network of local partners, authorities and opinion leaders
  • Keen understanding of the local mentality and culture
  • The willingness and ability to build up a successful brand in your market
  • A sound background in business development
  • Operational experience in the catering branch.

Yuyumi charges a monthly royalty fee at 4%. The Master franchise fee is 100.000 Euros per territory. This fee covers Yuyumi’s active participation in setting up the new location, including location selection, coordination of construction and renovations, staff training, etc..

The Application Process

We would like to show you our standard procedure for franchise candidates. The following is an example of what happens and how long it is likely to take. Please remember that this is just an approximate and subject to change due to many factors. So while we can’t guarantee everything will proceed as described, you can at least have a good idea of how the whole process will be outlined. Depending on how it all works out, this process usually takes from about 2 months to 6 months—from the initial contact till the opening of your first Yuyumi restaurant.

YUYUMIS Application Process and Timetable

    Our site is the place to first show your interest in a franchise. You provide some basic information about yourself and indicate the country in which you would like to introduce Yuyumi.
    up to 1 week
    You will be asked to give your preferences for a date and time to speak with our franchise representative on the phone. This will be our first person-to-person contact and our chance to begin to get to really know each other. We’ll ask about your experience, current projects, vision of how you would like develop Yuyumi in your country, how you got to know Yuyumi, etc. You, of course, can ask your general questions about the concept as well.
    up to 1 week
    We will assist you to organize a meeting at one of our Yuyumi restaurants. This will be an opportunity for you to meet one of our representatives in person, and to get an impression of our restaurant, try our menu, talk to our employees and experience your own Yuyumi!1 to 2 weeks
    You know that it is getting serious when you spend 3 days working in a YUYUMI. A mentor will accompany you to see how you interact with our staff and guests. The dream becomes reality, and you can really be sure that the life of a Yuyumi Franchise Partner is the future you choose. You will then meet again with our franchise representative for feedback.
    1 to 2 weeks
    Location is essential. If all goes well at phase 4, the search can get started. Once you’ve done the Observation Days, you are well prepared to begin looking for your location. This critical task will also get our full attention.
    1 to 3 weeks
    It is now our turn to visit you in your selected country. You will take the lead in showing our franchise representative around and making your detailed market presentation. To help prepare, you will receive sample P&Ls and a business plan. Goal: for us to get feeling of your local market environment and your integration into it. We would like to see that you have an extensive network with potential partners, suppliers and relevant authorities. You should have realtors ready to show us suitable locations. Furthermore you will also show us our closest competitors who you have already carefully studied and provide us with an analysis of the market landscape. We will be interested in knowing your growth targets: how many outlets, timeframe, specific locations, etc.
    1 to 3 weeks
    Once we find a location, we will formulate the initial agreement about how to set up the franchise, scope of territory, number of outlets, timeframe for expansion, etc.
    about 1 week
    You and your representatives will meet with our team of specialists to answer your questions and adapt the Development and Franchise Agreements to local regulations as necessary.
    1 to 2 weeks
    Once all details of the contractual framework will have been finalized by our Legal team the moment has arrived at last: we will be able to welcome you and your team to the Yuyumi family by signing your Development Agreement and the Franchise Agreement for the first Yuyumi restaurant in your region. Further Franchise Agreements will then follow suit as you gradually expand your network in accordance with our agreed time schedule.
    1 week
    Planning and construction of your first restaurant in cooperation with us and our partners. Hiring and training of restaurant management and staff . Definition and establishment of the supply chain.
    2 to 6 weeks
If you are interested in becoming our franchise member,
please contact via our form or send us a letter.

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