Yuyumi Concept

The well-being of the guests is the focus

Yuyumi Well Being Cuisine

The YUYUMI concept is as simple and clear as Korean cuisine itself.

In our WELL-BEING CUISINE the focus is on the well-being of the guests. Therefore we attach great importance to nutritious and high-quality ingredients and careful preparation.

In contrast to conventional fast food, our dishes are thanks to valuable ingredients (omega3 fatty acids, antioxidant spices, numerous vitamins and important minerals) light, digestible & healthy. Fresh peppers, shallots, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce and fermented soybean and chili paste form the foundation of ours authentic Korean wellness cuisine.

Whether BULGOGI, BIBIMBAP or BINGSU - YUYUMI presents classics of Korean cuisine in contemporary and uncomplicated atmosphere. And if you are in a hurry, you can enjoy the gently and quickly prepared delicacies thanks to our practical and heat-insulated cup box enjoy anywhere.

There is no faster & fresher way to get healthy fast food...

Korean BBQ

Our Korean barbecues are freshly prepared by us, served directly at the table and grilled by our guests themselves. Grilling at the table is a Korean tradition, and a bottle of soju (Korean rice liquor) is a must.

Korean BBQ is the right occasion to spend a convivial time with friends or family over delicious and healthy food.

Currently only available in Lothringer Straße!

Interesting facts about Korean food culture

Other countries other manners. Cooking in Korea isn't just different than in Europe. The table manners also have an exotic flair. You can of course enjoy our food wherever and however you like.

To give you a little idea of how our modern KOREAN WELL BEING CUISINE is celebrated in the land of the morning calm, we have put together ten interesting facts about Korean food for you:

Did you know that in Korea...
  1. ... the dishes are not traditionally served in courses, but all dishes come together on the table and are eaten together?
  2. … the oldest person at the table opens the meal together?
  3. … rice and soup are not stirred while eating?
  4. … eating with the left hand is considered indelicate?
  5. ... it is considered indecent to search through the food specifically for the "best pieces"?
  6. … the people sitting together at a table adjust their “eating pace” to that of the others?
  7. … everyone is expected to finish their own portion of rice, as rice was once reserved for the rich and considered a treasure?
  8. … spoons and chopsticks are never used at the same time?
  9. ... smacking and loud noises with chopsticks or spoons are frowned upon?