Yuyumi Concept

the comfort of our guests is our priority

Yuyumi Well Being Cuisine

YUYUMI`s interior concept is so simple and clean as the Korean cuisine itself.

In our healthy cuisine the comfort of our guests is our priority. That is why we emphasize the selection of nutritious and healthy ingredients and the gentle and protective preparation.

Unlike most fast food, our dishes are made with carefully selected ingredients containing Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant spices, numerous vitamins and important minerals. Our food is easily digestible and healthy. Fresh products are the foundation of our authentic Korean cuisine.

YUYUMI presents classics Korean cuisine like BULGOGI, BIBIMBAP or BINGSU in a contemporary and uncomplicated atmosphere.

For customers, who are in a rush and are looking for quick and convenient food, we provide a high quality and isolated YUYUMI boxes in order to preserve our warm and delicious food for home-, workplace- or “anywhere” dining.

There is no faster or easier way to nourish your body and soul!

Korean BBQ

Our Korean BQ are freshly prepared, served directly at the table and grilled by our guests experiencing a Korean Tradition, during which SOJU (Korean Rice liquor) should not be missing.

At present only available in Frankfurt!

Things to know about Korean dining culture

Foreign Country, different manners and traditions! Not only the way of cooking differs in Korea compared to Europe, the table manners have an exotic flair. Our specialties can be enjoyed, the way you desire.

In order to give you a short overview of how our modern Korean healthy cuisine can be celebrated in the land of morning calm-we have summarized 10 knowledgeable facts about the Korean way of dining:

Did you know that in Korea…

  1. … the food is not served courses, all meals are brought to the table simultaneously and are shared
  2. … the oldest person at the table opens the meal by beginning to eat
  3. … rice and soup are not stirred during the meal
  4. … eating with the left hand is ungraceful
  5. … it is considered rude to pick “best pieces” out of food
  6. … the people sharing a table adapt to each other’s speed of eating
  7. … it is expected that every eats their own portion of rice; since rice was anciently withheld for the rich people
  8. … spoons and chopsticks are never used simultaneously
  9. … smaking and loud noises with chopsticks or spoons is frowned upon