Korean Casual Dining

Frankfurt am Main Westend

Grüneburgweg / Leerbachstraße 63


Korean Well Being Cuisine

München Gärtnerplatz

Fraunhoferstraße 11


What does Yuyumi Well Being Cuisine mean?

What does Yuyumi Well Being Cuisine mean? – a more than overdue fast-food revolution, which has earned the title “stylish Korean food”, due to assorted and nutrient-rich ingredients.

Yuyumi stands for wellbeing, body and health conscious nutrition and traditional Korean culinary art imbedded in a fresh garment. Therefore it is no surprise that our modern interpreted Well Being cuisine has swept many residents and visitors in Frankfurt and Munich off their feet.

In both our branches in Munich and Frankfurt we demonstrate that fast-food can be healthy, balanced and flavorful.

Our dishes are rich in omega3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants(supporting the body during fat burning)

Whether you choose to enjoy the stylish Yuyumi atmosphere or take-away for at home dining or delivery service-Yuyumi enthuses and fascinates both nutrition conscious gourmets and fans of the Korean wellness kitchen.


Yuyumi`s concept is so simple and clean as the Korean cuisine …



Serve your guests with healthy Asian cuisine …



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